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I have traveled extensively – not only during my 20 year Naval Service career but also prior to and afterwards as well (Upon retiring from the Navy – I lived in Japan for 6 years).  During these worldly travels I acquired many unique items for my home and collection. Also during these travels, I became an avid internet user and happened upon a lil’ known website called ‘AuctionWeb’ which later became eBay. I was hooked early on and have been an avid eBay’er for nearly 20 years now.  Early in 2011 I began seeking a brick and mortar building to not only house my collection but to also retail them out – hence Vic’s Vintage was born.

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Vic's Vintage's Personal Goal

My personal goal for my ‘Vic’s Vintage adventure’ is to enlighten customers as to the intricacies of seeking and procuring that ‘special piece’ for their home or collection. I strive for authenticity and provenance of each piece within my purview. I believe in the motto “each on teach one” and I strive to do that in my passion of collecting. Being in the retail business, I take it a step further by striving to not only pass my knowledge on but, to also facilitate a better understanding, within my expertise and surroundings, of vintage and antique collectibles. My ‘good day’ is meeting, greeting and interacting with my customers; sales come easily that way. 

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